Evolving technology has driven a shift across Europe from legacy analogue CCTV to network video solutions that provide immediate and significant benefits to securing critical transport systems.  As the UK struggles to keep pace, Axis discusses the business case for protecting transport infrastructures with IP camera and audio technology.

In this Axis whitepaper discover:

  • What is driving the shift across Europe to real-time video surveillance and how operators use it to assist in decision making, from common scenarios to critical emergencies
  • How advances in network video cameras and content analytics technology have enabled the effective live monitoring of many locations by relatively few operators
  • How smart camera software, such as improved WDR and low light capability, is improving transport security by providing increased image quality to ensure maximum forensic usability
  • How Axis’ technology partners are able to take IP camera technology into the realms of intelligence, helping identify the unusual and alert operators to potential incidents in real-time
  • What the core challenges and barriers to adoption are in the UK rail sector and how to build the business case
  • How Axis’ focus on following cybersecurity best practice throughout its partners and integrators can help alleviate the threat of unauthorised access to a network.


Author: Lucas Young, Business Development Manager - Transportation