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Axis Communications Academy

Axis Communications' Academy offers comprehensive and professional video surveillance knowledge, training and insight. With our dedicated team of highly-skilled trainers, dynamic learning methods and diverse course offering, Axis Communications’ Academy empowers security professionals to design, install and configure smarter video surveillance solutions for any end customer.

Network Video Fundamentals 

The Fundamentals is a comprehensive course, covering the essentials of network video. Topics such as basic camera installation, image usability, bit rate optimization and video analytics are explored in theory combined with hands-on labs.

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Designing Network Video Systems

Designing Network Video Solutions covers many important aspects of designing a network video surveillance system. Topics such as surveillance goals, camera placement, video, network performance and storage solutions are discussed. All theory presented is put into practice in a comprehensive lab session.

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AXIS Camera Companion

An half day training course developed for integrators looking to deploy solutions quickly and efficiently into small business environments giving a simple and effective solution.

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Axis Camera Station

Developed for installers, designers and sales professionals this training builds on your existing security industry knowledge, providing all that’s necessary to implement scalable solutions utilising Axis Camera Station video management software.

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Getting to know Axis Audio

Get to know Axis network audio is a classroom course introducing Axis network audio systems and how to take full advantage of a network audio system.  You will learn about how a network audio can be used intelligently for public address, security, and background music. The course contains both theory and practical exercises to teach you how to set up and configure a network audio system.

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Getting to know Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity refers to the securing of IT systems and their assets. By this we mean protection against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, including network video. Cybersecurity involves mitigating risks by reducing the attack surface area, or more simply — by reducing exposure.

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Defending the Perimeter with Axis

You'll learn how to defend the perimeter using AXIS Perimeter Defender (APD)* in combination with the latest thermal and positioning cameras.

*APD is a scalable and flexible video analytic application for perimeter surveillance and protection.  It is ideal for high-security perimeter protection where there is a need to reinforce the physical access control systems with reliable intrusion detection.

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Axis Certification Program

Axis Certification Program gives you a true competitive advantage. Because it signals that you have deep, relevant knowledge about Axis products and the latest network video technology.

We make it easy for you to prepare for the exam. Or if you already know a lot about Axis and network video technology, you can skip the preparation and go straight to the exam. It’s available at 5,000 testing centers around the world for just USD 150. The test itself is available in multiple languages. And certification is valid for three years. Plus it’s easier than ever to renew your certification. So why not get started today!

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