Axis network cameras protect utility stations from intrusion

The City of Naperville, IL had been building an IP-based surveillance camera network and wanted to expand this network to cover water and electrical utility stations across 40 square miles. At its power substation, the city mounted a network camera that, in the event of an outage, could zoom in and diagnose the issue before dispatching a repair crew. Check out how the City of Naperville re-imagined security with Axis network solutions.

Illinois Museum improves the visitor experience and cut costs with IP speakers

In the late 1990s, a historic two-story house was renovated so the newly created Peroria PlayHouse Children’s Museum could take up residence in it. Despite the renovation, the building still lacked a public address system to allow for broadcasting announcements and alerts. Learn how the museum added a new dimension to its business by leveraging AXIS C1004-4 Network Cabinet Speaker to improve communication and security throughout the building.

Illinois high school solves security challenges with Axis end-to-end solution

Washington Community High School wanted to upgrade its existing security system to a solution that provided better video quality and control capabilities. Its answer: An Axis end-to-end solution. Learn how the high school now saves hours of searching through video and diminishes false alarms with network solutions.

Chicago’s convention center increases the performance and life of their legacy cameras

McCormick Place, a bustling hive of tradeshow activity, had been relying on analog surveillance for over 25 years. That changed when they opened a new building equipped with network cameras and wanted to increase the performance of their legacy investment. Discover how turning to Axis network encoders helped provide them with more actionable details about offenders, such as distinct facial features and uniform insignias.

Soldier Field addresses security concerns with a comprehensive stadium solution 

Soldier Field, the premier outdoor sporting venue in Chicago, was looking to increase security, but wanted to ensure that any additions didn’t take away from the historical, iconic structure of the building. They found they could accomplish this goal by utilizing a combination of both fixed and PTZ network cameras internally and externally to get coverage everywhere and in various conditions. The result: Their incident response timely has decreased immensely.

Learn more about how Soldier Field successfully re-imagined security with network solutions.