This white paper challenges the need for a new way of looking at business value over time, and what intangible assets that needs to be examined and included when building long term partnership. It outlines a couple of areas where sustainability has a direct impact on today’s way of doing business, but also how the approach of circular economy will impact the way we do business. The paper also touches upon the subject of building the right sustainability strategy and more importantly, how it can be delivered throughout not only an organisation, but rather the whole supply chain involved in today’s complex business models.

"We have laid out an overview of how we strive to achieve our goals in this area, and the ways in which we believe all companies should behave if we’re to move towards fairer and more sustainable models of doing business. That is why we work hard to ensure our business is sustainable and transparent, adheres to the most stringent guidelines and values our people, our culture and our planet." Atul Rajput, Regional Director Axis Northern Europe

Listen to what the author Jens Strinsjö has to say:

Jens Strinsjö
Business Development Manager
Architecture & Engineering Program, Axis Communications