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Integrated protection for intrusion, operations, and personnel

Intrusion, interruption, injury. These are the main threats to productivity, profitability, and employee welfare across your site. Axis critical infrastructure solutions enable you to address all three comprehensively and cost-effectively, with a single integrated system.

From information to insight

Information without insight is of limited value. Our solutions include advanced analytics that help you process and understand the data and images you capture. The insights they deliver support better decision making and more efficient responses, thereby significantly reducing your alarm handling costs.

Smart, future-proof, flexible

Our smart, open, IP-based surveillance systems are designed so all the different parts can communicate with one another. They are future-proof, scalable and easy to integrate with other systems. And, crucially for you, they enable monitoring of multiple sites remotely, from a single control room.

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Covid-19 solutions

Remote monitoring today, business continuity tomorrow

Critical infrastructure: the systems, networks and assets that are essential for the functioning of a society and economy. Whether the provision of energy; the extraction and production of oil and gas; mining; telecommunications; water treatment and sewage; food production or manufacturing, any disruption through accident, intrusion or equipment failure will have serious consequences. In protecting facilities themselves and the people who work within them, learn how Axis solutions bring safety and security to critical infrastructure through dependable technology for a changing world.

Remote Monitoring Solution

Business functionality and safety detection

Periods of lockdown and social distancing have left numerous oil and gas facilities with fewer staff on site. Connected surveillance technology can help smaller teams manage and secure multiple sites - often remote or difficult to access - from a centralized control room. Video and audio solutions allow operators to detect, verify, identify, track, and deter intruders in real-time. Critical processes can be monitored, with alerts to incidents prompting maintenance or response.

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Health & Safety Solutions

Helmet, PPE, Compliance Detection

The same surveillance systems coupled with intelligent analytics allow for the monitoring of health and safety policy adherence - including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) - and evaluate risks in real-time. They can also monitor processes in hazardous areas and ensure only authorized personnel are granted access. Live and pre-recorded announcements can mitigate the risks of accidents and injuries.

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Thermal Imaging and Technology Solutions

Picture the invisible

When you need reliable round-the-clock detection, Axis thermal cameras are an excellent – and cost-effective – solution. There’s no hiding from them. Because they capture images based solely on the heat radiating from people and objects, they’re unaffected by darkness or poor visibility. So they’re as accurate in pitch black, fog, and camouflage as they are on a bright sunny day.

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Network Audio and Touchless Access Control

Health precautions and daily Operations

Throughout industrial sites and manufacturing facilities, combined smart video and audio solutions can be used to monitor employees and remind them to follow public health guidelines during working hours. Live and pre-recorded messages can prompt employees to maintain social distance, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and regularly wash their hands.

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Safeguard your site from intrusion, from perimeter to critical core

Safety and security: Oil & Gas

Its name highlights its importance. Critical Infrastructure is defined as those systems, networks and assets that are essential for the functioning of a society and economy. Areas of Critical Infrastructure include the provision of energy, the extraction and production of oil and gas, mining, telecommunications, water treatment and sewage, food production, and manufacturing. 

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Explosion-Protected Cameras

Explosion-protected cameras from Axis bring 30+ years of Axis network-video experience to the kinds of explosion-protected cameras and accessories you need for your hazardous areas. They’re certified for explosion-prone applications according to all applicable international standards, of course. And they offer unparalleled detection and deterrence capabilities to protect your hazardous areas from intrusion. But they also go beyond protection to help protect your operations and your employee.

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Axis Communications strives to apply cybersecurity best practices in the design, development, and testing of our devices to minimize the risk of flaws that could be exploited in an attack. The guide provides technical advice for anyone involved in deploying Axis solutions. It establishes a baseline configuration as well as a hardening guide that deals with the evolving threat landscape. 

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Download our e-book to learn more about the advantages of IP-based surveillance for critical infrastructure. Discover how a single, smart video surveillance system can go far beyond physical security and address all the key aspects of critical infrastructure protection.

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