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The concept of the Smart City is primarily concerned with looking at how technology and intelligent connectivity can generate actionable data to help improve city services and ensure a greater quality of life for all citizens. As more and more IoT devices are being adopted to realise the Smart City vision, it’s imperative that attention turns to the cybersecurity of such devices.
This whitepaper serves to educate those involved with Smart City operations on the security measures that should be put in place to effectively protect systems and operations, while also addressing the barriers that are currently inhibiting the effectiveness and full potential of the smart environment.
Download the Whitepaper to discover:
  • The definition of a Smart City
  • The importance of the Smart City and value of the IoT
  • Cybersecurity in the Smart City environment
  • The implications of a large scale attack
  • What does good look like from a cybersecurity perspective
  • Security management: External governance and vendor processes
  • Guides and tools (vendor processes)
  • Next steps and future considerations

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