Smarter physical access control: Unlock its full potential in the IoT era

Free whitepaper download: The digitization and cyber security of physical access

This whitepaper presents a new vision of how modern physical access control systems (PACS) should be deployed and utilised in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. It explains that, while these technologies have the ability to help with many of the challenges faced by modern businesses regarding the security of their premises and safe flow of people, many are missing out on these benefits due to barriers that are preventing adoption. 

 Read this whitepaper to better understand:

  • The future of access control – The evolution of smart access control solutions
  • Challenges in an evolving market – Considerations around systems architecture and cybersecurity
  • Technical barriers to adoption – Exploring the reasons behind difficulties in adopting such solutions
  • The hallmarks of best practice – Stakeholder management: what to look for when selecting a vendor
  • Guides and tools – Guides and system management documentation
  • Create a cyber hygiene profile – Key considerations when evaluating suppliers, products & systems

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