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Stay aware and in control. Everywhere.

Get 100% awareness and control of all your devices on all your sites.

AXIS Device Manager Extend is a software application for discovering, configuring and operating Axis devices and extends the functionality of Axis current device management tool (AXIS Device Manager). It hands you control over all your devices on all your sites from anywhere via one user-friendly tool. Plus it offers easy-to-use policy-based management that delivers real-time warnings and automatic updates, so you can address system and device status, in a timely manner.


  • Gain awareness via an intuitive dashboard
  • Improve efficiency by automatic monitoring 
  • Raise cybersecurity with policy-based management

A better way to manage your devices across your sites

With AXIS Device Manager Extend, the complex and time-consuming job of staying up to date with what’s happening on your sites is suddenly simple. Because you can manage all your devices and gain insights across all your sites from anywhere. 

Keep your system up and running and your data safe

AXIS Device Manager Extend gives you real-time data about your entire system on all your sites on one dashboard. It features policy-based management for security, firmware and analytics. And you’ll have access to a list of all your warranty information in one place to support timely decision making about device lifecycles. 

Less time and lower costs

AXIS Device Manager Extend saves you time by automating much of the work of managing your devices. Installing and deploying devices is faster. And you can say goodbye to manual data entry in separate databases or on inventory sheets – and to the errors that come with it. Plus, you’ll be able to find all the data you need in place.

Watch the get started and installation videos and learn how to:

  • Install and set organization
  • Add sites and devices
  • Set policies 



Support & Documentation

Learn more details about AXIS Device Manager Extend by reading the following documents:


Please note!
Before installing AXIS Device Manager Extend, please note the following:

  • This is a beta-product under continuous development, so please expect frequent application updates
  • Using AXIS Device manager Extend and Site Controller requires internet connection for both 
  • You may need to open ports, firewalls etc. within your internal network as well as for internet access

Technical support

If you can’t find the answer to your questions on this site or if you need additional support, please contact Axis Technical support

In addition, once you’ve installed AXIS Device Manager Extend, you can reach out to us via the software with feedback.

We’ll be standing by to support you – and looking forward to your input.

Try and enjoy AXIS Device Manager Extend (Betatoday!  

AXIS Device Manager Extend


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