How can network audio keep your business secure?

By adding audio to your network security system you can increase safety. Add event-triggered announcements and direct callouts and you can also make live/scheduled announcements in different zones of your premises. This is a complete high-quality network audio systems that will make a difference.

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Audio for Security Webinar 

  • Why Network Audio? – the benefits of using an IP based Audio System
  • What is Network Audio? – how does it work?
  • Why IP Solutions? – Why connecting security devices on the network is beneficial
  • Use Case Scenarios


For a first introduction watch this 60 seconds video about Network Audio.

Interview with Axis Audio Product Manager Håkan Hansson, answers the following questions.

  • What is Axis' vision for network-based audio?
  • What is the Axis audio offering?
  • What are the advantages of network-based audio technology?

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