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With us, you get to be part of building something big. Right from the start! With all the opportunities to influence, voice ideas and put your mark on our new development site in Linköping. Join us on our journey!

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What we do

The Linköping office was established as Axis new development site in 2018. In Linköping we work with software, developing overarching comprehensive solutions and systems for managing and analyzing video – the brain of our intelligent security solution.

Our great workplace, working close to the customers, gives us the prerequisites needed to create outstanding products for a smarter and safer world.


We work in small teams where the team determine their own daily work as much as possible. The teams have great responsibility for delivering products from an idea on paper to an operational product. To reduce wait times throughout the development chain, we ensure that the teams themselves can easily create servers and other services they need in their development work.

As a member of the team you need to be able to work closely with others, be passionate about learning new things, teach others what you know, be accepting of continuous change, and be able to both take and give constructive feedback.

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Ways of working

We work according to the methods and principles established in software development in recent years, such as Lean, DevOps and agile variants. This involves a constant search – particularly for learning and ways to improve work methods – both by individuals and, more so, in the teams we work in.

In our effort to find the most fun and effective way of working we try out different methods, for example mob-programming. The constant learning, largely from each other, means we constantly need to be open to new ideas and to give and take feedback from others in the team.
To ensure that we always maintain high quality, we build quality into the system as early as possible in the development process. Any defects must be found quickly, as much as possible by means of automated tests, so they can be corrected as close to the source as possible.
Learning also means that we accept that others make mistakes, and that we also make mistakes ourselves. The important thing is that we as a team find the mistakes that are made as early as possible, and then together learn from them systematically so we do not make the same mistakes again. 

Axis employees having a stand up meeting

Would you like to join us?

We are looking for committed developers who want to work together in cross-functional teams to create solutions that make things easier and better for people. We believe that strong teams do the best job of finding solutions. We take pride in writing the best code and make sure we have fun doing it. When crossing the finish line – then it’s time to celebrate.

Our most important asset is that we’re good at collaborating. Ideas are being born everywhere and everyone is welcome to contribute. To us, it’s important to dare to be creative and innovative everywhere.

As a developer, you are a part of our absolute core competence. With a focus on cloud solutions and new services, we dare to promise that we will be able to match your driving forces and desire for challenges. 

Does this sound like the right environment for you? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or to send us your CV. 

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