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Surveillance & Security End-to-End Solutions

As a leader in the field of network video, Axis Communications offers intelligent surveillance and security solutions that enable a smarter, safer world. Continuously developing new IP products since 1984, Axis delivers high value solutions to customers through a global network of partners and a worldwide presence.

Whether it's a smart system for basic surveillance or a more advanced system for security on a larger scale, Axis offers a complete range of solutions. All systems are easy to install, and everything is designed with open IP standards that easily connect with the existing IT infrastructure.

Discover the small and mid-sized solutions below.


Small Solution

Ideal for installations of up to 16 cameras on one or multiple locations.
AXIS Companion is a simple small system solution with affordable cameras, recorders, software and accessories that leverage Axis quality. It is optimised for basic monitoring of premises, people, and assets to create a true sense of security.

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Mid-size Solution

Ideal for installations of 16+ cameras at one or multiple locations.             
Axis offers cameras, audio systems, software, and other network products that create a complete end-to-end solution for mid-sized installations. It is the ideal solution for installs in places such as retail shops, hotels, schools and manufacturing sites.

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Small Solution

AXIS Companion, the all in one surveillance solution. 
AXIS Companion is a simple small system solution with affordable cameras, recorders and software that leverage Axis quality. Optimised for basic monitoring of premises, people, and assets, AXIS Companion creates a true sense of security. It is the ideal solution for installations of up to 16 cameras on one or multiple locations. Flexible options provide a reliable solution that’s ready to scale for any surveillance need.
With high video quality cameras and real time monitoring, you can easily control your business at any time from any location and feel safe in the knowledge that it is being protected 24/7.
The simple all in one surveillance solution
  • Easy to install, manage and maintain
  • Secure remote access for live and recorded video
  • A mobile app with an easy to use interface
  • Can manage up to 16 cameras on one or multiple locations
  • Secure by design certified
See below for the key network products that are part of Axis' small solution.


Network Video Recorders

4 or 8 channel network video recorder with PoE switch
  • Surveillance-grade hard disk, 1 TB, 2 TB or 4 TB
  • Switch with 4 or 8 PoE ports, 1 LAN port
  • Compact, fanless design
  • Wireless access point for mobile devices
  • USB port for exporting video

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Network Cameras

Reliable cameras for your surveillance needs
AXIS Companion network cameras have common features that deliver high image quality and reliable operation.
  • HDTV 1080p video quality and 2 MP resolution for image usability
  • WDR to handle scenes with complex light conditions
  • PoE for network connectivity and electrical power with a single cable
  • Built-in micro-SDHC memory card slot for edge storage
  • Support for Axis’ Zipstream technology for bandwidth and storage savings

The models differ mainly by their form factor such as dome, bullet or cube shape. They also have features that are better suited for specific needs such as surveillance outdoors or in complete darkness, vandal resistant cameras, two-way audio or connection to view monitors.

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AXIS Companion Software

Free video management software for viewing live and recorded video
  • Easy and intuitive surveillance
  • Secure remote access to video
  • Mobile app for freedom of use
  • Alert notifications
  • Flexible user management
Optimized for basic surveillance needs
AXIS Companion video management software is designed for small businesses needing to monitor their premises, people and assets. It offers quick and easy system setup and intuitive operation.
Available at any time, from anywhere
Axis Secure Remote Access technology allows users easy access to live or recorded video even from remote directly on a mobile device or PC with no need for network or router configuration.

Please note! AXIS Companion network cameras and AXIS Companion recorders only work with AXIS Companion software and mobile app.


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Mid-size Solution

The ideal end to end solution to meet surveillance and security needs of mid-sized installations.

Axis Communications offers cameras, audio systems, software and other network products that create a complete end-to-end security solution for installations of 16+ cameras, which is easy to install and operate.

You can either opt for one of our out-of-the-box systems with optimized hardware and software, or build your system using our software together with standard PC and servers.

All our solutions are designed with open IP standards that mean they can easily connect with your existing IT equipment. They’re flexible and scalable, and will work out of the box with your network, routers, screens, computers, tablets and smartphones.

See below for the key network products which are part of Axis’ mid-size solution.


Fully-featured video management system

AXIS Camera Station
AXIS Camera Station is a video management software which can control your entire surveillance ecosystem. You can install it on your existing computers, or to make the process even easier, purchase Axis recorders which come preloaded with the software. It is the base of Axis’ end-to-end solution for midsize installations and is ideal for installs in places such as retail shops, hotels, schools and manufacturing sites.
It’s already proven technology, with over 50,000 installations all over the world, and with constant support and updates, the system is always improving.
Free 30-day trial available
Experience the power and possibilities of Axis’ video management software.

All-in-one recorders

AXIS Camera Station S22 Appliance Series

All-in-one recorders with integrated switch for high-definition surveillance.

  • All-in-one solution with integrated PoE switch

  • Flexible storage options including RAID

  • Ease of installation

  • Validated with extensive support

  • AXIS Camera Station licenses included

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Network Cameras

The best in network video: innovation, quality and opportunity.
Axis offers cameras with a number of capabilities, including HDTV, wide dynamic range, infrared and Lightfinder. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find an Axis network camera to suit your needs. From robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensitive environments, we offer it all.


Network Audio Systems

Audio made smart and easy
Axis network audio systems are complete high-quality audio systems you can use in various situations.

A world of audio possibilities

  • Improve security on your premises with event-triggered announcements and direct callouts
  • Make live or scheduled announcements in different zones, at the right time and right place
  • Create ambiance with easy and flexible scheduling of great-sounding background music
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Access control

For access control with the benefits of open IP
Our access control solutions are truly open. So they give you the freedom to mix and match best-of breed hardware and software and to integrate them seamlessly with other systems, including your surveillance system. You can use them for everything from basic identification and entry control to advanced access management.
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Interested in our end to end solutions?

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