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Critical Infrastructure at a glance.

Secure your critical operations. 

Looking to create a more secure site, uninterrupted operations and a safer workforce - in every step of your supply chain? We have some tips to get you started in our eBook below. 

Intrusion, interruption, injury. These are the main threats to productivity, profitability, and employee welfare across your site. Axis critical infrastructure solutions enable you to address all three comprehensively and cost-effectively, with a single integrated system.

How you may ask? Our solutions include advanced analytics that help you process and understand the data and images you capture. The insights they deliver support better decision making and more efficient responses, thereby significantly reducing your alarm handling costs.

Our smart, open, IP-based surveillance systems are designed so all the different parts can communicate with one another. They are future-proof, scalable and easy to integrate with other systems. And, crucially for you, they enable monitoring of multiple sites remotely, from a single control room.

Analytics Optimization Service

perimeter defender


Safeguard your site from any unwanted intruders from the perimeter to the core of your operation. Detect, verify, deter, identify, and track intruders via visual, thermal and radar imaging combined with audio capabilities and access control. Have more sites than one? Monitor multiple sites from a single central control room.

solar panels


Critical operations and processes can be monitored with remote visual verification of readings from gauges and sensors across your sites. If an issue arises you can be the first to know, send out a notification or get someone to provide remote assistance via audio devices. 

Oil rig workers

Health & Safety

Keeping a watchful eye on your site can help improve the health and safety of employees. Ensure that personal protective equipment is being used and be able to manage and assist with incidents in a more agile approach. 

Transition - Banking

Protect the heart of your operations.

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