Innovation is in Axis’ DNA. For two decades Axis has led the industry in provisioning IoT devices, focused primarily on video surveillance. As a natural extension of our current portfolio of IoT solutions, and consistent with Axis’ founding vision, we are pleased to support the market with innovation, creativity and connectivity in IoT and network audio. No longer a vision of the future, we are beginning to see real benefits and business opportunities for installers and integrators now.

The main benefit of IoT audio technology is full integration across a business’ infrastructure. Instead of installing and managing disparate systems for different purposes, IP-based technology removes the need for siloed systems, simplifying the installation, maintenance and operational burdens. This is essential in situations such as evacuations, for example, where messages can be issued across large areas instantly, as well as commercial uses such as background music or public addresses.

What will I learn?

  • How innovation in network audio is helping to drive business performance
  • More about Axis’ range of market leading network audio solutions from IP horn to audio speakers
  • How network audio supports security through measures to deter and active listening
  • The role of network audio in public address including paging, mass notification and marketing
  • Why everything’s better with background music to enhance the customer experience
  • How voice, video and data have been the cornerstones of a shift from analogue to digital solutions. 

An audio revolution - 5 reasons to switch to IP

1. Easy to install, use and maintain – For the installer, ease-of-installation is paramount. IP audio systems only require one cable for connectivity, power and communication

2. Streaming and scheduling capabilities - Systems can connect to any audio source, such as streaming services like Spotify for Business, to play the most suitable music to clientele

3. Intelligent systems – Smart zoning capabilities allow users to target announcements at specific areas so staff can speak to individuals in different zones with particular messages

4. Improved security - IP audio can add another layer to a connected security network acting as a strong deterrent, potentially convincing them to leave before committing a crime

5. Flexible and future-proofed - As many IP audio systems are based on open standards, they’re easy to integrate with existing and new hardware and networks ensuring a system is future-proofed.