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Below are a variety of solutions that will help retailers as they address the current challenges of today's environment but also scale to fit the needs of tomorrow. 

Contactless Entrance - Axis

Occupancy Estimator

Keep track of how many customers are in your store while using one entrance. The AXIS Occupancy Estimator analytic allows for a user-defined occupancy threshold that can then be used to assist retailers with their store traffic.

Needed: Camera, speaker, public view monitor

Cross line detection - Axis

Cross line detection

Cross line detection is supported by all Axis cameras and it is designed to announce pre-recorded reminders. For example, as your employees enter a meal prep area, you can remind them to wash their hands.

Needed: Camera, speaker or audio bridge

Scheduled Announcements - Axis

Audio bridge

Get more out of that old audio system with Axis Audio Bridge. Using this device with your existing speaks allows you to schedule and announce pre-recorded audio clips.

Needed: Speakers, audio bridge, audio clip

Curb side pickup - Axis

Curbside pickup

Multiple options are available for curbside pickup. The goal is to notify your staff when the customer has arrived at the designated pick up location. Options incluce license plate recognition, QR code scanning, and installation of a door station.

Needed: Camera, speaker, mobile device

Doordash Uber Eats Restaurant Solutions - Axis

DoorDash/UberEats pickup

Fulfill takeout orders while keeping the doors locked and your employees safe. When a driver comes to the door to pick up a customer's order, an audio announcement will sound in the back of house.

Needed: Camera or doorstation, speaker, audio clip

Contactless Entrance - Axis

Contactless entrance

This hands free solution allows staff to open doors in private areas and limit the spread of germs. This solution uses facial recognition and will require staff to breifly take off their mask.

Needed: Doorstation, speaker, audio clip

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