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Are blocked exits costing you money?

18-second video of the blocked exit solution.

Keep important areas clear

Equipment or items left in front of emergency exits at the wrong time can be costly. The right setup with a camera, audio speaker, and analytic will recognize when an item is placed in a specified area and alert staff to move the object. 

  • Change staff behavior with audible alerts from a nearby speaker
  • Automatically notify a manager if the objects are not removed.
  • Increase staff and customer safety
  • Improves compliance with authority regulations and helps to reduce costly fines

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    Customer Story

    Learn how we helped a furniture retailer reduce shrink and improve inventory tracking.

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    Not ready for a conversation but interested in learning more about Axis products and services? Here are a few items that might be of interest to your teams.

    In-store alerts that can also drop a beat.

    Easily enhance your surveillance and customer experience with network audio gear. Axis network audio systems are preconfigured to deliver excellent quality right out of the box. Completely digital and controlled from a central location.

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    Network door stations

    Two-way communication and remote entry control in a single device. Door stations are ideal for installation at entrances where many known and unknown visitors pass through on a regular basis.

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    AI-based analytics

    Improved notification alerts with AXIS Object Analytics. This analytic offers smart surveillance at no extra cost and suppresses most sources of costly false alarms. This allows you to focus only on objects of interest and real threats. 

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