Explore your cybersecurity resource

We all have a role when it comes to network security.

Whether you're looking to learn about the basics of cybersecurity, pour through more detailed technical content, review marketing materials, or gain access to tools that will help you deploy a more cybersecure system, the cybersecurity resources below are a great first step to help you along the way.

Cybersecurity Necessities

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Axis hardening guide

A technical guide providing advice for anyone looking to harden Axis video deployments.

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AXIS Device Manager

A highly effective tool that allows you to manage major installation, security, and maintenance tasks on your Axis devices.

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Cybersecurity eBook

Basic step-by-step advice on how to spot the symptoms of poor cyber health, how to protect your data/network, as well as how to build a company culture around cybersecurity.

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Standards and regulations 

Unpack some of the most pertinent standards and regulations that you might come across when deploying security systems across different regions and verticals.

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Cybersecurity glossary 

Heard a new cybersecurity term come up in conversation? Just need a refresher on your cybersecurity lingo? Search through this glossary to get a background on basic cybersecurity terms.

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Whitepapers and other technical documents

Check out some of our more detailed documents as they relate to granular cybersecurity topics.

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Marketing materials

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Blog posts

Read up on high level cybersecurity thought-leadership topics written by subject matter experts from the Axis community.

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Choose from multiple on-demand cybersecurity webinars to dive deeper into more specific topics.

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Walk through visual explanations and demonstrations of cybersecurity concepts with Axis experts.

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Commonly Used Links

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Product security

Read about how Axis is managing and responding to security vulnerabilities to minimize customers' risk of exposure.

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Firmware portal

Discover what's currently available for active and LTS (long term support) firmware tracks as well as what upcoming firmware releases are on the horizon. 

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Privacy in surveillance

Privacy sits at the crossroads of video surveillance and cybersecurity. Learn more about Axis' approach to privacy and how we can help maintain customers' personal data.

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