Perimeter protection: An evaluation of options and applications Whitepaper

| A study of sensor options, applications and key considerations to ensure a future-proof security solution across a range of industries|


This whitepaper entitled ‘Perimeter protection with intelligent surveillance’ serves to explain the sensor options, applications and key considerations which can result in a future proof security solution, capable of effective guarding at the perimeter across a range of industries.

Physical security solutions play a vital role in securing a site. While barriers and gates will work to slow down an intruder, or delay someone entering a premises, it is the installation of automatic intrusion detection technology, capable of providing verifiable real-time alerts, location data and target tracking, that will prove a formidable defence against today’s threat landscape. Understanding current technology capabilities as well as an appreciation of future trends is a sound operational security and procurement approach for any security practitioner.

“As threats and countermeasures evolve, one critical aspect remains constant; the integrity and security of the perimeter. The perimeter is a fundamental consideration in providing a safe and secure environment for all staff, visitors and members of the public.” Lucas Young, Critical Infrastructure Lead, Axis Communications

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