A safer and smarter retail experience

A safer and smarter retail experience

In today’s retail business, you need your surveillance to always protect your profitability. But what if it could also give you smart ways to build new services and capabilities, and improve the overall customer experience? With Axis, network video solutions is capable of more than you might imagine.

Profit-protecting at another level

There always seems to be new challenges in maintaining a safe shopping and working environment. And shrinkage in-store, during transport or at the warehouse, bites more than ever. Axis industry-leading solutions can help you stay ahead in securing your operation at every touchpoint.

Business-optimizing insights

Every business needs to do more with less, especially those that depend on high volume sales and tight margins. Axis with analytics can double as a real-time alert system to improve re-stocking and staffing efficiencies, and a data collector for generating insights you can use to design new customer experiences and store layouts.

Service-minded surveillance

Every store visit is a chance to earn a repeat one. Axis network surveillance can also alert staff to open new tills and minimize customer inconvenience to improve the shopping experience. Adding Axis network audio solutions makes it easy to message customers with offers and information and add ambience with music.

Retail research

“Consumer Preferences Towards Unmanned Store Experiences Research 2022”

Axis Communications, an industry leader in network video, conducted a research study on consumers across nine cities in the Asia Pacific region to gauge their post-pandemic or new normal preference for physical shopping.

The report also explored the consumers’ perception and expectation of unmanned stores. The study found that across APAC:

  • 12% have decreased intent for physical shopping
  • 46% favour the store that meets social distancing rules
  • 48% of consumers desire video surveillance for unmanned stores
  • “Faster checkouts” is the top perceived benefit of unmanned stores






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Surveillance solutions

Grocery stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, have long relied on network video solutions to keep staff, customers and premises safe and secure. By combining your Axis hardware video analytics and third-party applications from our partners, you can improve security, reduce shrinkage and increase operational efficiency even further.

Video analytics solutions

Grocery stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, have long relied on network video solutions to keep staff, customers and premises safe and secure. Today, retailers can make their stores both safer and smarter, by combining video surveillance hardware and video analytics to increase loss prevention, enhance security, improve the customer experience and manage stores more efficiently by:

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Body-worn solutions

Body-worn or wearable cameras can help your security staff do a better-than-ever job of deterring, protecting, and gathering evidence. They are easy-to-use, cost-effective, and are designed to suit the wearers’ needs.

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End-to-end solution for surveillance

Axis offers an end-to-end solution for surveillance. AXIS Camera Station is a proven software platform for surveillance solution management, monitoring and maintenance of solutions based on Axis network cameras and IP devices.

  • View the e-guide on how to manage end-to-end surveillance with AXIS Camera Station.




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Audio solutions

Service-minded surveillance with network audio solutions

Whether for marketing and operations or safety and security, intelligent network audio from Axis is a new and versatile way to interact, protect and inform.

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