Safe cities today. Smart cities tomorrow.

Your city is the beating heart of your community, where commerce and culture meet and an ever-increasing proportion of the population lives. High-quality surveillance technologies, IoT sensors and analytics are delivering numerous benefits in public safety and security, urban mobility and environmental monitoring. These solutions improve efficiency and enhance livability in urban centers throughout the day or night, and in any weather condition.


Enforce regulations today. Manage emergencies tomorrow.

Clear communication is critical to citizen and visitor safety. Network audio solutions enable both pre-recorded and live announcements to enforce social distancing regulations and disperse gatherings larger than those allowed.

A combination of video surveillance and audio solutions also allows you to communicate real-time instructions and safety information in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

Maintain traffic flow today. Analyze traffic flow tomorrow.

The pandemic has led to a dynamic drop in use of public transport, putting more cars, bicycles and pedestrians on the street. Video-based traffic management solutions provide data and insights that can help cities react to these rapid changes, making it easier to plan and develop solutions for emerging challenges to urban mobility.

These solutions can also be used to analyze and improve the daily flow of traffic, increasing road safety by maintaining control of intersections, simplifying incident management, and monitoring the status of pedestrians and cyclists.

Maintain social distance today. Manage crowds tomorrow.

Social distancing is currently an essential part of public health and contagion management. Network video solutions simplify your enforcement of distancing orders by identifying, quantifying and analyzing the distance between individuals, over time, throughout multiple locations. The systems generate alerts, warnings, and statistics for further action.

Beyond immediate social distancing, these solutions can help law enforcement and safety officials to track and manage crowds during events and demonstrations, as well as enabling secure evacuation when necessary.


Improve compliance today. Identify suspects tomorrow. 

Dynamic video and analytics solutions can be used to identify the use of face masks in the general urban population, create real-time alerts, and generate comprehensive statistics. This data can help officials understand face mask compliance over time and across multiple locations, informing communications strategy and highlighting a possible spread of contagion.

The same technology can be used to identify suspicious individuals - with or without a face mask - in addition to helping the search for missing people.

Secure temporary structures today. Deploy security tomorrow.

You've likely set up temporary structures for emergency healthcare needs and understand the need to secure these facilities. A deployable surveillance solution consisting of one or more network cameras, a pre-configured cabinet with built-in router and software for remote video management and viewing can be used to monitor such facilities or temporarily crowded areas.

Once installed, you can remotely access live and recorded high-resolution video, automatic alerts for perimeter activity and intrusion and a flexible, scalable, reliable surveillance solution that does not require an on-site physical network. Construction sites, extensive roadworks, festivals and sporting events can all benefit from deployable surveillance and security 

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