Retail Audio

Top reasons for network audio in retail


Right out of the box you can expect top audio quality without the need for tuning. The speakers use a single network cable for both power and audio signal (PoE) and the system is easy to configure. No programming needed!

Minimize space, maintenance, and risk with a complete audio system. Speakers are all-in-one, no central audio rack or technical room is needed. This means less equipment and less space. Also, there is no need for specialized audio cabling and you can use the existing IT network infrastructure.

Fulfill the changing needs of your business by creating audio zones for selected speakers that can broadcast live or prerecorded announcements and music. Add or remove zones and speakers as needed. Additionally, you can integrate your speakers with other systems such as video analytics or sensors.

Pairing audio with video

  • Assists with loitering and queue management
  • Helps to decrease shrink and deter theft
  • Enhances the customer experience with music
  • Keep emergency exits free of debris
  • Monitor and act in high value areas

Axis Network Audio Speakers

music - Axis Network Audio

Music & announcements

Broadcast and schedule pre-recorded and/or live advertisements and announcements, stream background music and manage audio in different zones.

Network Devices - Axis Network Audio

Keep legacy investments

Updating systems can be costly. Our audio bridge allows you to migrate at your own pace.

store data - Axis Network Audio

Ensure sound quality

Save time and money. Axis network speakers are an all-in-one device, pre-tuned, and are self-testing.

Three ways audio can help retailers.

Download our white paper which includes three everyday use cases for including audio with your security solutions. 

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