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Why network audio?

Axis offers complete, high-quality network audio systems that are perfect for security, background music and announcements in stores and other settings. Get a single, cost-effective integrated system for security purpose, announcements and background music with everything you need built right in. Take control of the entire system, including network speakers, audio bridges and microphones, from a single point via a single, intuitive interface. Want to know more? We are now hosting two webinar sessions. One focusing on network audio for security and one on network audio for public announcements and background music.

Network audio for security webinar

A network audio system is the perfect addition to a video based security installation. Perimeter protection is a great example of this. Imagine if a potential intruder climbs a fence. The camera alerts a security guard to give a warning to the intruder using the audio system, “We can see you, you’re trespassing.” More often than not, this type of warning is sufficient, preventing the need for additional security measures 

A network audio system in security applications will give you:

  • Live spoken response to incidents or alarms in monitored video systems
  • Pre-recorded spoken response triggered by application to deter unwanted intrusion

So how exactly is audio being used in security applications today?

Register to our webinar on Monday 6th May at 10:00 and learn more from some real user case stories. The webinar will be done in English.

Unable to attend on this time? No worries, register anyway and we will send you a link to the recorded webinar afterwards.

Audio for public announcement and background music

How it's done - learn more in this additional webinar.

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Register to the Audio for security webinar:

Monday 6th May 10:00 (CET)

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