Why Axis IP Audio?

Audio for security

Stop unwanted activity in its tracks

A network audio system is the perfect addition to a video-based security installation. Improve security on your premises with direct callouts, live or recorded. Remote speaking in video surveillance applications enabling an operator to remotely address people and deter unwanted activity.

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Educational Resources:

Audio for Public Address

Broadcast to single or multiple zones

Use your network audio system to make live announcements calling someone to a specific area (such as a colleague to the clothing department). To make scheduled announcements (about the start of the school day, for instance). Or to issue live or triggered announcements during an emergency.

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Axis Virtual Classroom

Getting to know Axis Audio

Learn how a network audio system can be used intelligently for public address, security, and background music.

Understand what solutions Axis offers and share best practices for installation and usage. Axis Technical Trainers and Subject Matter Experts will be available to answer any questions you have around Axis Audio Solutions.

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Technical Guide

This Technical guide to network audio was created to support you in your work with Axis network audio systems and help you stay up-to-date with the changing technological landscape.

It provides a complete overview of network audio, from explaining the very basics of audio and acoustics, via the technologies which enable audio over IP, all the way to Axis network audio products and complete systems.

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Additional Resources

Glossary White Paper: Includes acoustics, speakers, and audio terminology.

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Axis Blog: IP Audio Systems insights. All your Audio reading in one place. 

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Read our case Studies

Axis Videos: Learn via our YouTube channel. 

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Upcoming Events

8th September

13:00 UK |14:00 Nordic

How IP audio can make a difference to safety, security and operational efficiency

This event will start with a product update and a brief discussion as to how Axis IP Network Audio should be used as an instrumental part of the growth of a security solution and beyond.

Before progressing through to the various advantages to having a centralised audio system that can be used for safety, security and operational efficiency. Jeff Palfreyman will take you through the Axis Communications free-to-use design tools that have been created in such a way that even those who are new to IP audio will be able to deliver and easily install the Axis IP network audio range of products in minutes.

Whilst Graham Swallow and the panel will be discussing how some end users have used IP network audio to layer up their deterrent systems in retail, logistics and stores giving confidence to their staff and customers.

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Past Events

Audio for Public Address

During this online event we’ll be taking you through a brief presentation looking at,

  • What is the definition of a public address system, and how Axis meet those requirements?
  • What products & solutions are available to you when designing a system?  Including how Axis audio integrates into AXIS Camera Station and the SIP functionality.
  • Real life case studies as well as busting those myths that you would typically be faced with such as IP audio is too expensive, too complex, and difficult to install.

Furthermore, for those of you more interested in the technical side of the product/solution there will be a demonstration as to how easy it is to connect from a technical point of view as well as a live Q & A with members of the Axis engineering team.

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The benefits of Audio over IP Networks

Installing IP based video security solutions is now the norm and the audio industry is now starting the same migration from analogue solutions to the world of flexible network-based technology.

At Axis we understand that IP audio offers easily configurable, easy to install solutions that can work on the same network as video solutions.

The main benefits of IP over analogue solutions:

  • Understand the tools available to help you install and design audio solutions.
  • Understand the audio solutions available from Axis and how they can be used for security, safety, public address and background music.

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Ten reasons to adopt a network audio solution

Audio systems are moving from the traditional analogue world to utilising network infrastructure, making these systems quicker and easier to design, install and manage. Network audio is audio which is transferred using a network cable (Ethernet/PoE) to a network speaker.

This can be compared to analogue audio which is transferred over analogue audio cables.

As Smart building embrace a connect infrastructure, why should site audio systems be any different?

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